Heliclassics -The world of Scale-Models.


So you want to own a scale helicopter that looks realistic just like the real thing?

We are the only manufacturer of scale model helicopters in the market who specialise in realistic scale paint work . We paint the models ourselves and do not use external car painters to complete our work.  We can paint weathered effects which feature dirt, chipped and corroded areas.  If you are interested in this please do not hesitate to discuss with us.



Flight training and helicopter setup

Do you have problems with the setup of your turbine helicopter?  No problem! we can help with adjustments and the setup that's needed to have you flying, I also have flight training  available with a teacher/student system.




Lets view the world of Scale-Helicopters.

It is always a great fascination to me when I see large scale helicopters fly with up to 2,50m rotor diameter.  They are equipped with thousands of rivets, door hinges and a weathered paint look, which makes it hard to distinguish the model from the full size one,  The turbine sound is authentic and is equally impressive. 

As a serious model helicopter manufacturer we supply and build scale helicopters with high engineering quality and scale detail unlike anything you have seen before. Developing large scale helicopters is a lengthy process as there is a lot of development work in the engineering of the mechanics which includes many hours of flight testing before production can start. We only build helicopters there parts and accessories that have passed our stringent testing. We supply an extensive range of products and services direct to you from the accessories to a ready to fly model Helicopter .  Due to the number of models and their variants please feel free to contact us for more information.       If you don't have the time to build the model yourself we have the expertise to do the full build ourselves and ship anywhere around the world, I have supplied many customers including as far away as New Zealand.

Thank you for visiting the Heliclassics website, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Matthias Strupf

Managing Director